In Ukraine, an official from the Luhansk region, V. Cherevaty, received a monthly salary of almost $6,000. That’s how much two soldiers earn in the trenches on the front line

At the end of December 2023, the head of the Starobilsk District State Administration of Luhansk Region, Volodymyr Cherevaty, received a pre-New Year’s monthly «salary at the main place of work» in the amount of UAH 220,925, which at the NBU exchange rate was $5,883. This is evidenced by the «Notice of significant changes in property status» in his declaration dated January 2, 2024. ZARAZ.INFO reports

For comparison, according to the declaration, V. Cherevaty received UAH 495,024 for the entire year 2022. That is, in one December of 2023, the young 35-year-old Mr. Cherevaty «earned» as much as half of 2022, or as two military personnel on the front lines in the trenches, or 4-5 military personnel in the rear, or as 20 monthly salaries of a teacher.

Screenshot from the description of the official Volodymyr Cherevaty

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