School of selfgoverment- how to take order in community and become closer to Eurointegration

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Public organization "Center for Civic Initiatives" ( "TseGrIn") once again holds a "summer school self-government", this time in the city of Svyatogorsk. The training participants are civil society activists, local MPs and educational institutions teachers communities Central East region: Luhansk, Donetsk, Kharkiv, Sumy, Zaporizhzhya, Dnipropetrovsk, Odessa and Kiev regions.

Under the theme of the training "Development of civil society in Ukraine: cooperation of local governments and non-governmental organizations", the event participants the following presentations have been disclosed (which can be found on the active links):

S presentation LSHS front. 2016. Solontay O. Vpliv people on the Future communities;

S presentation LSHS front. Nachod M. 2016. "E-Vikoristannya іnstrumentіv for zabezpechennya vіdkritostі dіyalnostі MLA;

S presentation LSHS front. 2016 S. Levіnte Aktivіzatsіya spіvpratsі Vladi that Gromadyanska suspіlstva;

S presentation LSHS front. 2016. Konotoptsev O. Organіzatsіyno-pravovі Ambush mіstsevogo samovryaduvannya;

S presentation LSHS front. 2016. V. Zagaynov VZAYEMODIYA Vladi that The Citizen on mіstsyah.

S presentation LSHS front. 2016. V. Andrusіv Viroblennya polіtiki.


Participants' self Summer School "as a result of the business game" Session of the City Council "(Oleg Konotoptsev coach) worked a job in parliamentary committees and factions, were in operation training session of the city council to lobby and" sink "projects making session. As a result, in practice, we see the "pitfalls and surface of the iceberg" deputy everyday. From this interactive game, even the deputy with experience (three convocation) Elena Ivanchenko from Skvira Kiev region was delighted: "I saw a result of this training, what had not noticed before, and this game is vital, not only re-elected, but and deputies with the experience. "


The photo Oleg Konotoptsev (far right) leads zanyatie- business game "Session of the city council."

The photo deputy Elena Ivanchenko (center) of the city of Kyiv region Skvira and social activist Kramatorsk Stanislav Chornohor.

No less interesting was a lecture by Alexander Solontaya who listens, all with his mouth open. "You want local policy failures, without having done anything to win the election tomorrow won the election? They disguised themselves as NGOs (and it is policy) and not creating their business pressure on the incumbent mayor and his team want to win the election. This will not, no one will not give up just like that, who are in power. The main problem, which is, it is the public struggles to Ukraine and even for something in general, but not specifically for that: it is not clear who is, it is not clear what fights do not understand what purpose the direction of work "- said the speaker.

In the photo, Alexander Solontay argues that the deputy is a hulk in a master of the house, and he has the right to go to any municipal office sobstvnnosti and study there any documentation.

And the next monologue Solontaya simply deserves to be learned all the deputies and citizens, "deputy as head-city main person in local government and all officials of the executive committee and municipal enterprises must unconditionally and freely provide any information the local government it. The deputy has the right to go to any office of the executive committee or the utility to look into any folder and document, and require to make a copy (or to remove himself fotoapparat- edition). It's very simplicity bulk chosen deputy and deputies has hired the executive committee and the heads of public utilities in order to work for the benefit of the voters. Conclusion: getting authority from izbirateley- MP should behave as a host-"The father" in the house, and the communal and ispolkomovskie rabotniki- like obedient children, do whatever Dad says. In practice, that this ice tronulsya- need to come into the office to take the necessary and official document, it is impossible so to register a written statement the mayor, "I want to visit such a study, I want to get acquainted with the contents of the cabinets and folders, and go into the room with the other deputies and their assistants and active citizens bulks. Lock was closed for the application to register that prevent and disrupt safely locks. If you will prevent fizicheski- cause law enforcement officers. The main thing in this case: The law on the side of the MP! All this talk that the deputy something do not give out local and documentation which is not allowed in the communal object- means it is not the deputy! He does not enjoy their rights, and therefore does not fulfill its obligations. " For many of those present this information became the opening, and the deputies of the city council Svjatogorsk showed her special interest. Also, Alexander Solontay presented the participants of the training book in which he is co-author.


No less exciting in its novelty was the lesson "The use of electronic tools to ensure the transparency of local government", in which the speaker Volodymyr Pavlyuk talked about working for three years in the city of Lutsk, and other 27-mi urban communication platform Ukraine "Open City» http: / / With that, the residents of communities where operates the platform to online mode (photoappendices and fixation on the city map) can report a problem (for example, a pit on the road) to the relevant municipal services, and the mayor, can control in what status is the problem: the work is done, or is resolved in step solutions. In addition, the program organizes all the data in the reports.

The photo Vladimir Pavlyuk presents the communication platform "Open City".

For the development of e-government and e-democracy in the local community and to support web-based platform 1 October 2015 was created "Association of open cities", where the participants are already 12 cities. Vladimir Pavlyuk also told about the features of the online platform "e-petition". At the end of this session, participants events Stanislav Montenegro stated that he is sure to write e-petition and connect to this their friends to join Kramatorsk communication platform "Open City". And the deputy Irina Slavov Melitopol City Council said it had already talked on the phone in the mayor to introduce hulk platform "Open City".

A photo. Deputy Melitopol City Council Irina Slavov .


Ideologically and financially "Summer School authorities" TseGrIna supported the German Friedrich Naumann Foundation "For Freedom", which is presented in person at the event head of its office in Ukraine Miriam Kosmel.

In the photo the head of representation of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation "For Freedom" in Ukraine Miriam Kosmel.


Friedrich Naumann Foundation "For Freedom" (FFN) — a liberal policy fund. Embodying the projects, it seeks to ensure the freedom and human dignity in all spheres of society. His training programs are based on educational projects with civic education, the foundations of the state and law. FFN operates in Ukraine since November 2005. Kiev office was opened in 2007. And in March 2009 is also responsible for the Fund's activities in Belarus. F.Naumana Foundation supports the Ukrainian citizens in their quest for democracy, market economy and the balance in the social sphere. The Foundation wishes to the Ukrainian people and responsible for the decision to political leaders were well aware of the relations with the European Union, NATO, and were free to take decisions in favor of their country.


Ukrainian Fund partners include: political parties (especially their organization), think tanks, non-governmental organizations and government agencies.

The main directions of activity of the fund:

► building democratic and effective organization of political parties and their youth associations;

► supportive citizens communal policy;

► information on the EU and NATO,

► dialogue on the rule of law;

► support Ukrainian media;

► support for economic reforms.


The toolkit works FFN:

► seminars, conferences, workshops, round tables;

► political consultations;

► publications in the Ukrainian language;

► informative travel to Germany and Brussels;

► establish international contacts with liberal politicians and experts;

► training, scientific conference of the International Academy of management staff in the German town of Gummersbach / Köln

The Foundation also provides scholarships to gifted Ukrainian students and PhD students for teaching and research at German universities.


Vladimir HAPCHUK for

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